Responsive design

Responsive design has been hailed as one of the ultimate solutions to the growing trend of websites moving onto other devices of different sizes. Desktop are no longer the only medium to see web content on, and for 25% of people, it’s rarely ever used to access the internet. In fact over 90% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 84% taking action as result. Close to 50% use their smart phone to make a purchase and 65% of sequential shopping occasions are started on a smart phone. These stats show that responsive design isn’t just a nice thing to have for most businesses websites, it’s essential. Particularity for reaching a wider audience.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a set of methods employed to ensure that a web designs adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes, such as tablets, smartphones and television interfaces. For many businesses, their website is designed mainly for a desktop. This leads to the issue of sites not being well displayed for other screen sizes such as that of a smart phone. Responsive design aims to fix this by using techniques such as media queries –  where the layout of the site changes once the site reaches a certain point(called breaking points). Other techniques are flexible grid layout which employs the use of relative measuring units like percentages over the use of fixed units, like pixels. This enables the site to change relative to the browser size, whether that be on a smart T.v or a tablet.

Advantages of responsive design  

– Optimizes user experience: Users no longer have to worry about re-sizing or unnecessary scrolling.They can use the site in ease, making it likely they will come back.

– Cost effective: Company doesn’t have to maintain both a mobile site and a desktop site. Which is more expensive than managing just one site with one web link.

-Recommended by top search providers like Google: Google refers to responsive design as the industry best practice; stating it as the recommended  mobile configuration.

-Easy to manage: You have one website and one piece of code. This is much easier to manage, than having a mobile version of a site. This also has benefits regarding Seo.


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