User interface design(UX & UI)

What is UX design

The term UX design is an acronym for user experience. Designers in this field are primarily concerned with the feel of the product. It’s the job of people in this field to understand how the user interacts with the product, what’s that users experience. Some ways to do this may be to conduct an in person user test. Here the user experience can be observed. Other ways inlcude creating personas. These test help the UX designer understand the user(s). Prominent individuals in this field include Steve Krug, who I’ve talked about in previous blogs.

What is UI design

UI stands for User interface deign. UI designers focus on making the product presentable, they design the page, layout it out, ensuring that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the user so that user can connect with the product emotionally. UI designer must be able to help the user understand the graphical elements on an interface. To help understand the difference between the two. Imagine a delicious cake. The decoration, the icing, flavour and presentation would be the job of the UI designers, whilst UX designers would be the reason why your eating the cake instead, say a hot dog. In other words: functionality.

App screens created by UX designers

Principles of good user design 

Know the user: As a designer, the users goals should that of the designes as well. Thus, it’s important that the goals of a user understood. This way, it’s easy to learn what the user wants, and to be able to give them the best experience.

Consistency: A consistent layout ensures that the user understands how the design works, increasing the efficiency.

Feedback: Communicating with the user at all times is a good way to increase user experience. This could be achieved through a series of messages and subtle visual cues every times the user gets the expected result.

Forgiving: This is very important. It should always be expected that the user will make mistakes, no matte how clear your design is. Thus, it’s wise the have this mind when designing an interface. This could include having an easy way to undo actions, or ensuring the user doesn’t have to start from the beginning when they input the wrong data.

Simple: And last, but not least, simplicity. The best designs are invisible. This means that your designs is clear and makes sense. It’s free from unnecessary graphics and gimmicks that does nothing but distracts the user.

The OS interface is good example of a simple, but effective design. Using most apple devices is so easy that many individuals including old and very young users can figure out how to use it within seconds. This is good design.

All the above principles. can be found here.

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