User interface design(UX & UI)

What is UX design The term UX design is an acronym for user experience. Designers in this field are primarily concerned with the feel of the product. It’s the job of people in this field to understand how the user interacts with the product, what’s that users experience. Some ways to do this may be […]

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Responsive design

Responsive design has been hailed as one of the ultimate solutions to the growing trend of websites moving onto other devices of different sizes. Desktop are no longer the only medium to see web content on, and for 25% of people, it’s rarely ever used to access the internet. In fact over 90% of smartphone […]

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Logo and branding

What is a logo?  A logo is a piece of design that represents a business. It can come in the form of a symbol, emblem, typeface, or in  a combination of the three. A logo is designed to capture what an organisation is all about, thus is a critical part of a businesses brand and […]

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Graphic design

Graphic design is the art of visually communicating through images, icons, words and ideas. It’s a broad field that encompasses magazines, logos, websites, newspapers, business cards,  advertisement, book design, posters, product packaging. Thus, is literally all around us. The evolution of Graphic design: Graphic design goes all the way back to the stone ages, where […]

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Typography is the art form that focuses on using typeface to communicate a message. It has been around for hundreds of years, and is increasingly being seen as one of the most important aspects of design. Basics of Typography   Typeface and Font  Many assume that typeface and font are same thing, but this is […]

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The importance of photography  Photography is a vital skill, that is often underestimated by many Web designers. Photography gives Web designers the freedom to create images that are fit for purpose. A site with great photography enhances a users experience of the site, and thus will prompt them to come back. As important as information […]

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Exploring modernism Modernism was a radical movement that rejected the old and embraced the new. The movement gathered huge amount of criticism, but was soon embraced by many.  Arguably the biggest movement of the 20th century, the movement changed all forms of creative expressions including, architecture, Art, product design, interior design, film, literature and critical […]

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Designing software, a website or applications at a professional standard for clients or project managers, requires  a team working in constant collaboration. To achieve this, various methodologies are used. A methodology is a system where set routines are followed to achieve a particular outcome. There are many methodologies out there, all of which have there […]

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Theorist: Steve Krug

What is a theorist? A theorist is someone who comes up with ideas or explanations from facts and data. Sometimes, a theory starts off not being supported by any concrete facts, which results in the author at times coming under heavy criticism, depending on how controversial the theory is. As Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, once said:  “No one […]

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