Exploring modernism Modernism was a radical movement that rejected the old and embraced the new. The movement gathered huge amount of criticism, but was soon embraced by many.  Arguably the biggest movement of the 20th century, the movement changed all forms of creative expressions including, architecture, Art, product design, interior design, film, literature and critical […]

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Designing software, a website or applications at a professional standard for clients or project managers, requires  a team working in constant collaboration. To achieve this, various methodologies are used. A methodology is a system where set routines are followed to achieve a particular outcome. There are many methodologies out there, all of which have there […]

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Theorist: Steve Krug

What is a theorist? A theorist is someone who comes up with ideas or explanations from facts and data. Sometimes, a theory starts off not being supported by any concrete facts, which results in the author at times coming under heavy criticism, depending on how controversial the theory is. As Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, once said:  “No one […]

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Design visualizations

Visualizing ideas makes them easier to work with. This is why architects have 3D models, Engineers have CAD, etc. Many people prefer to look at something visual over text. Having visual models, also make ideas easier to modify, change and improve.[1] Information and ideas can be visualized in many ways, chief among these are info-graphics. […]

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Design book review: The grid – creative solutions for graphic designers

The grid to graphic designers is like the telescope for astronomers. The grid has revolutionised the industry providing a neat, organised and visually pleasant template for designers to work on. Authored by Lucienne Roberts – a graphic designers. This book explores the powerful tool. Starting from its history: It’s believed that the grid came into […]

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Design product review

Last week I was asked to choose a design product to present.  For that session, I chose the BMW i3: The BWM i3 is a remarkable electric car that has an outlandish design that I believe will influence car design for decades to come.  The design is very different to what is usually associated  with […]

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