Logo and branding

What is a logo? 

A logo is a piece of design that represents a business. It can come in the form of a symbol, emblem, typeface, or in  a combination of the three. A logo is designed to capture what an organisation is all about, thus is a critical part of a businesses brand and identity.

Difference between a logo and a brand

A brand is essentially the relationship between an organisation and it’s audience. It’s what springs to mind when a customer thinks of your brand name; the business’s perception. Whether that be factual: sells perfumes, or emotional: romantic. A brand can only be defined by a organisation’s audience, not by the business it’s self. A business can merely create a framework for which it wants to base it’s brand on.

Apple has built a brand of sophistication and simplicity. This is reflected well in it’s logo.

A logo is visually representation of a business’s brand. it’s a reflection of the relationship the business has with it’s customers. It’s important an important part of the brand as it’s something customer can easily identify with. And as they say, a business without logo is a faceless business.

What makes an effective logo

A logo needs to be memorable. A memorable logo stays in the mind of the target audiences This is important as it’s often the first impression people get of an organisation.  A logo also needs to be distinctive. How are you going to differentiate yourself from competitors if your logo looks the same? This also risk making your logo forgettable.

Simplicity is also key, as a simple logo is much easier to process for customer; making it more memorable. Versatility is another thing a designer must aim for when creating a logo. This means that a logo should be able to display well on billboard, just as it would on a business card.

Lastly a logo has to be relevant. For example, The ToyRus logo would not be suitable for a banking cooperation, as it would have a hard time being taken seriously.






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