Graphic design

Graphic design is the art of visually communicating through images, icons, words and ideas. It’s a broad field that encompasses magazines, logos, websites, newspapers, business cards,  advertisement, book design, posters, product packaging. Thus, is literally all around us.

The evolution of Graphic design:

Graphic design goes all the way back to the stone ages, where scientist have found art painting on stone walls in France. this one of the earliest forms visual communication.

Egyptians communicated visually using stone walls and caves.
Pottery was often used for graphic design from ancient times.

In the middle ages in Europe, Books, such as the quran and the bible were often decorated opulently. Below are examples of beautiful illuminations:

In the 1450s, print press was invented. This begins the history of design for magazines, which kept a conservative style  until the late 19th century.

Cards. believed to have been invented in China, were another platform for decoration. In the image are German wooden blocks

In the 20th century, graphic design began to take on a more clean and minimalist look. This was fueled partially by the modernist movement.

In the 1950s, a new style emerged in Switzerland called the Swiss or international style. This style emphasized cleanliness, readability and objectivity.  Something that would change graphic design was the grid design system. This system forced designers to be more logical and neat with their designs for Newspapers, magazines and eventually websites. Other notable design concepts from this style include also, San serif typeface, white space and flush left.

As technology began to improve, the style of graphic design moved with it, as many designers moved onto designing on computers. This introduced a variety of digital techniques and novel effects. This trend continued with advent of Photoshop and other graphic soft wares. In the 80s, apple help revolutionize graphical interface design with heavy influence from xerox which designed the first recognizable graphical interface.

Following the digital evolution, design became more digitized. This occurred too, with the emergence of electronic billboards, television and computers.
Shepard Fairey, Obama – Hope (2008)
Often touted as an icon of 21st century graphic design


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