The importance of photography 

Photography is a vital skill, that is often underestimated by many Web designers. Photography gives Web designers the freedom to create images that are fit for purpose.

A site with great photography enhances a users experience of the site, and thus will prompt them to come back. As important as information and usability are, the site also needs to look good for the users, so the whole experience for the user is pleasurable.

With that said, careful thought needs to be taken before adding images on a site. The following questions should first be asked:

– Does the image benefit the website, does it serve any purpose?

– What message is the image sending to the user of the site?

– Does the image help the user understand the content on the website? Or, illustrate a concept?

– Does it create emotional appeal?

If the image doesn’t answer yes to any of the above and is just filling white space, then it will be swiftly ignored.

Image formats

There two main types of image common on the web, these are: vector and raster.

Image format such as JPEG, PNG and GIFs are raster images. Raster images are made from individual blacks, that have defined proportions based on their resolution. This is why raster images appear blurry or unclear, when you distort them. Thus, a rule of thumb is to not re-size these type of images, unless you want to sacrifice the quality of the image(s).

Vectors on the other hand, are great for images that frequently need re-sizing, so a tiny image or one large to fit on a 18 wheeler wouldn’t have the quality compromised. This advantage of vector images is due to the fact that they are used using  proportion formulas, rather than pixels. This means that it’s important for logos to be created as vector images.

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