Design book review: The grid – creative solutions for graphic designers

The grid to graphic designers is like the telescope for astronomers. The grid has revolutionised the industry providing a neat, organised and visually pleasant template for designers to work on.

Authored by Lucienne Roberts – a graphic designers. This book explores the powerful tool. Starting from its history: It’s believed that the grid came into the design industry in the early 20th century, but the book shows that the idea of a neat and consistent template for designers is not a new concept, which in fact dates back over five hundred years ago.
This book doesn’t only look at web site design – which didn’t become common place until the late 90s – it looks at all other forms of design such as leaflets, catalogs, posters, newspapers, books and stationary. It shows that grid design is very diverse, and can serve as a powerful tool for creative designers, despite the stigma of grids being limiting. Early adopters also believed the grid to not only be practical, but also the something of beauty. This is demonstrated in the quote below, taken directly from the book:
“…The grid is something not only of utility, but also of beauty…”
Interestingly, the book also talks about math’s and grids, where it explains that mathematics, has made grids more precise, ensuring cohesion is still present in the design.
Throughout the book, visual examples are given, to give the reader an idea of what type of designs can be used on each media platform. This makes this book a fantastic reference point for graphic designers who are looking for some inspiration.Pic

Plenty of visual examples were given in the book

The book also comes with a CD, which makes it easier to learn about the content of the book, if you’re a more visual learner.


Unfortunalty, the book has very limited content on websites, which means it’s not really useful for me in particular. In addition, the book is very outdated, with much of the designs being rather old fashioned, depsite being published in 2006 – 2007.

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