Design product review

Last week I was asked to choose a design product to present.  For that session, I chose the BMW i3:


The BWM i3 is a remarkable electric car that has an outlandish design that I believe will influence car design for decades to come.  The design is very different to what is usually associated  with the BMW, but still manages to keep the signature features that make the BMW a successful brand.

In 2014, the BMW i3 won the world design award, the explanation by world car awards, to me sums up the car as a design concept:

“Unlike other BMW cars, the i3 has a boxy shape, which suggests roominess and efficiency. But it still retains BMW’s typical dynamism, thanks to the larger diameter wheels and the very short overhangs both on front and rear. Besides that, the i3 expresses the sub-brand’s own character with using unique design features, including the black bonnet and the side window graphics that goes through the rear pillar. The interior is more surprising and attractive. It marks radical leap of car interior design, and it spreads as calm yet rich feeling as a modern living room.”

The design – The Exterior:

One special feature about the car is the black belt which covers the car from the bonnet up to the roof. This gives the car a very light and pleasant look.

The blue trimming of the badge and the iconic double kidney grill, is my favourite feature of the car, as it’s what gives the car a very sleek and modern design.

The carbon fibre body makes the overall weight of the car low, whilst giving the car a tough exterior.

The carbon fibre results in a really stiff body, so there is no need for a B- pillar. This makes it quick and easy to get in and out of the car.

The design – Interior:

The tanned leather, wooden trim  gives the car a sense of quality, whilst providing a warm to touch.

Lack of a b-pillar provides quick access into the car and also provides more backspace for the car, giving the appearance of a more roomy car.  The two doors, also make loading quick and simple.

The size of the life module allows passengers to sit higher, where there a clearer view of the interior landscape.
Also referred to as the semi command position, it also provides a clear overview for times when you’re in heavy traffic. Adding another plus to the car being well adapted to an urban environment.

The interior is filled with cutting edge technology, giving it a futuristic look


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